Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Company's Profile
Parsian Insurance Co. (Public Joint stock)
has been established with permission of Tehran Department for Registration of Companies and Non-commercial Institutes under Registration Number 200722 on Mar 29, 2003 with a total paid up capital of IRR. 160 billion, and on May 18, 2003 the company could obtain its business license in all insurance fields under No. 5200 from Central Insurance of IR Iran. The company started its activity as a private insurance company on May 18, 2003 upon issuance of the first policy. Parsian Insurance latest paid up capital is IRR. 3000 Billions.

Scope of Activity

Carrying out direct insurance operations in all life and non-life insurance fields; acquisition of reinsurance coverage with respect to the policies issued based on Central Insurance of IR Iran’s regulations; making investments out of the capital, and also technical and legal reserves; and accepting reinsurances in compliance with the measures set by Central Insurance of IR Iranfrom other domestic insurance institutes (including governmental and non-governmentalinsurance companies and those registered in free zones).